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Hello, Friend.

Passion and Law. This powerful combination obviously lives within you and is what has driven you to see what this website is all about. Let me assure you that you have arrived at the right place. This same potent duo – passion and the legal profession – combined with my deep desire to fight for the underdog, has consumed and rewarded me for over three decades. Yes, I have been fighting for the "common man" for more than 30 years, defending the often vulnerable and helpless by standing up against powerful adversaries and often against overwhelming odds. I have established a career of winning record-setting verdicts for my clients through my passion to serve and help people.

Now, at this stage in my career, I am blessed to begin investing in the next generation of record-breaking trial attorneys who have the same level of passion I do. So, with great joy in being able to associate with kindred spirits in the law profession, I personally invite you to experience the exhilarating power that my mentorship can have on your law career as I, for the first time ever, begin to teach and train the very principles and techniques that my success and verdicts have been built upon.

As a member of LawMentorship.com you will have access to daily, weekly, and monthly training resources and events. For less than two cups of coffee a month you can learn how to start increasing your performance and your results. I encourage you to enroll below and let me help you start learning how to get million dollar verdicts today!


Verdicts and Settlements

Libel / Slander Case: $58,000,000
Product Liability: $10,200,000
Wrongful Death: $20,000,000
Personal Injury: $22,000,000
Medical Malpractice: $10,800,000
Medical Malpractice: $10,795,000
Medical Malpractice: $2,004,000
Medical Malpractice: $1,200,000
Medical Malpractice: $2,375,000
Medical Malpractice: $2,200,000
Pharmaceutical: $32,500,000
Product Liability: $15,000,000
Product Liability: $1,500,000
Product Liability: $1,200,000
Libel / Slander: $58,000,000
Anti-Trust: $6,700,000
Breach of Contract: $4,800,000
Breach of Contract: $3,200,000
Breach of Contract: $1,200,000
Insurance Bad Faith: $875,000
Insurance Bad Faith: $450,000

Community Features

Daily Law Mentorship Moments

Start your day with Mr. Richardson Mon-Fri as he shares with you a leadership thought of the day that will challenge you to go to the next level! Miss a morning…no problem everything is archived.

Monthly Broadcasted Training Events

You will not want to miss these powerful LIVE training events created exclusively for this mentorship community by Mr. Richardson and/or his Special Guests! Can’t watch LIVE…no worries watch it On Demand ANYTIME!

Weekly Leadership Articles

The beginning of a new week will no longer be the toughest part of your weekly routine. Become inspired and challenged through the powerful articles Mr. Richardson and his Special Guests write for you every week!

Bi-Weekly Q&A Live Video Chats

What other record breaking lawyer do you have access to for LIVE Q&A? You will have the opportunity to ask Mr. Richardson or his guests anything every other week…PRICELESS!

Suggested Reading/Book Clubs

What do the most successful business people read to keep their lives accelerated? Well now you will know as Mr. Richardson makes monthly book suggestions from his personal library.

Active Community Leadership Forums

Stay connected to other like minded community members and be sharpened by an array of topics from business to marriage to faith and everything in between to help you live a truly abundant life.

Mentorship Pricing

12 Month Committment
1 Year
2 Months Free
2 Years
$199/2 years
4 Months Free
3 Years
$299/3 years
6 Months Free


  • I have worked with over 200 lawyers during my time as a trial consultant. Gary Richardson, without question, has developed the best procedure for trial preparation that I have ever experienced. This program will make any lawyer better prepared to try his case than any I have ever seen. IT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY!

    Jim Burgund, 30 Year Trial Consultant

  • Gary Richardson is a master of courtroom advocacy. His questioning techniques are unique and the most effective that I have seen in over 25 years of trying cases. His approach, from voir dire to closing, successfully wins the hearts and minds of jurors. This program allows you to sit second chair and to learn from one of our Nation’s real masters.

    Dale Williams, Trial Lawyer

  • Without question, Gary Richardson, is the best I have ever worked with in preparing a case for trial and in developing a strategy for winning in the court room. You can learn a ton from this program. It’s a must for those lawyers that are serious about winning in mediation or in the court room.

    Dr. Fred Minton, 20 Year Jury Consultant

  • I have never known a better lawyer, a better trial strategist, or a better mentor than Gary Richardson. For over 35 years, Gary has helped me grow professionally and spiritually. I recommend his teaching to everyone, whether you are a lawyer or not. His knowledge, wisdom and insight have helped me live a better life and have a more prosperous career. He’s the best!

    Vic Feazell, Austin Attorney

  • Gary is without a doubt the best trial lawyer I have worked with or seen.  He takes command of the courtroom

    Donna Baker, Tahlequah Attorney

  • Gary Richardson’s insights are pure gold that lead to large judgments and acquittals in criminal cases

    Michael L. Minns, Houston Attorney

  • …Gary is one of the most dynamic, effective and competent trial lawyers practicing in America today

    Broadus A. Spivey, Austin, Texas Attoney

  • His integrity is impeccable.  As a trial lawyer, I believe he has few equals

    Bruce Vaughn, Trial Consultant

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